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✌🏾Peace is my nature.

Throughout my life, I was conditioned to believe certain things about my character and nature by the teachers and books in school, by most doctrines delivered in church, by themes and castings in movies, in lyrics of mass distributed and financed music, by the interpretation and application of my country's laws, by the unchecked brutality of my nations police force, basically all media formats and inputs available for a person to receive any indoctrination in to this society, and by this society in general, even unknowingly by the parents and others who I know loved me as best they could; that because of my very skin tone, my very birth, I was basically evil incarnate. I won't bore you here with the details but, I'm sure that most readers can relate or have at least one point of reference, if not, well... I'll leave the end of that sentence to the mind of the reader.  

With that being the label attributed to my person, it's a wonder that I have not become the devil 👺himself (although, I'm sure that some people would argue that maybe I did...and perhaps there have been times when my horns😈 began to show.) Luckily or perhaps Divinely, we have the ability to reprogram and transcend this conditioning with proper practice. I encourage you to explore the concept on your own. If Peace is our nature, what does that mean?  What happens to stress?  What happens to violence?  What happens to war?  What happens to racism? What happens to religion? What happens to all of the isms and schism's that distort belief??  What happens with our choices and how we live our lives? What happens to our communities and our society in general? Our food choices? What would this world look like? I once read that certain tribes of the world would consider seven generations down their line when making group decisions. If those decisions are made by beings realizing that theirs is a peaceful nature, I wonder how the future would look...

When I began to understand that MY nature is Peace, MIND....BLOWN! 🤯🤯🤯This means that every challenge that I face, is for a specific reason, expressly for me to develop who and what I am, Peace! Every other option leads to less than optimal performance. This means that allowing outside influences to disturb my internal functions and the cohesive process by which they interact, causes disharmony and disease or dis-ease. This can be seen in many ways, headaches, heartburn, insomnia, depression, etc. We all have different tolerances and make ups but eventually, choosing a stress response will catch up with us all. And we all know that stress is a major contributor to early demise and sickness.  If we can begin to understand that stress is not a compulsion,  and that we "humans" have the ability to choose peace in every situation of challenge, we begin to rewire the very circuitry that causes us a negative stress response. 

Hotep (Peace),

Heru Tchaas Amen🙏🏾

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