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Goals are set by
the client, the coach simply partners with the client to ensure

Each individual session includes an hour-long
the conversation focused on specific goal setting and tangible steps to reach your goals. The intent is to move the needle 1% and create successes regularly in accomplishing your goals. Information and suggestions are curated to meet the individual needs of the client.

Goals are set by the client based on what they would like to accomplish and most of all WHY this is important. Each session is an hour long and can be live in person or via a video/chat session.


Area of Expertise

    I specialize in areas that trigger individuals to feel stuck or at a crossroad.

Some of these specialty areas include (but are not limited to):

Areas of Expertise


     You can get a custom package or individual sessions. You hold the reins on how you choose to progress.

  • Individual Sessions

  • 3-month Packages

  • 6-month Packages

  • Workshops

Life Coaching Services

Ren Xue - Yong Gong

I enjoy supporting people on their journey to discover their peaceful nature which allows them to unlock their potential to heal themselves, their families, and their communities. With the attainment of true peace one can maintain contentment in any situation. This allows an individual to have a greater chance at generating success in their endeavors. I have a background in meditation, health and wellness life coaching and nutrition, which I pair with REN XUE, Yuan Gong, Qi-healing practice. I teach one-on-one and group sessions. I work with senior citizens, veterans experiencing ptsd, teens, and anyone who is interested in promoting  holistic health and wellness and positive behavioral change. Most services can be delivered using the Zoom platform. 





Throughout my life, I was conditioned to believe certain things about my character and nature by the teachers and books in school, by most doctrines delivered in church, by themes and castings in movies, in lyrics of mass distributed and financed music...

You Are Not Your Habits

Your habits are NOT you! Perhaps you are one of the many people that I have met along my life journey who believe like I used to believe. If you're anything like I am...

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